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Majestic Advertising Media

A variety of advertising opportunities are available for our Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill venues located in three (3) prominent East Valley Phoenix locations. Local and national businesses connect directly with their customers in a meaningful way while movie guests are on-site through several media outlets.

Deliver your message to the proper audience – one that is in the market for your product. Maximize brand exposure, key differentiators, and promote your business with captivating visual technology. Purchase timeslots for a single cinema venue or increase exposure across multiple locations.

Unlike live tv ads or pre-recorded content, viewers have no option to block or skip commercials. Massive high-definition screen displays, powerful surround audio systems and comfortable seating within a relaxed focused atmosphere, creates an optimal environment where audiences are engaged and ready to accept your message.

The data collected from Cinema Ad Council and independent agencies Arbitron, IMMI and Nielsen show that cinema advertising delivers a 7x higher recall than any other media.

Purchase Intent
Purchase Intent
Purchase Intent
Purchase Intent

Benefits of Cinema Marketing


  • Affordable opportunities to reach mass audiences
  • 7x Higher recall value over traditional ad mediums
  • Advertise before, during and after the feature
  • Reaches 77% of captive engaged adults
  • Impacts millennials who attend movies 6x + annually
  • Broadcast messages and offers multiple screens
  • Association with today’s films, actors & influencers
  • Multiprong on-site marketing approach
  • Inability to skip or bypass content
Movie Crowd
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Command Attention

Today there are more choices than ever to advertise your brand. Where you spend your budget will determine how it impacts your company and play a large role in you emerging as an industry leader. If already a leader, it will help solidify your position to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

Our team is committed to directly align with the communication needs of your business. Reach out to our 700,000+ Majestic annual movie guests. Majestic provides an easy path to reach new customers using advertising mediums before, during, and after each movie experience.

Schedule a free consultation to further explain the advantages and benefits of this powerful multimedia advertising system.

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Neighborhood Grill

At Majestic Cinemas you’ll find a wide array of first-run films, art house favorites, interactive movie parties, and live film events with celebrity appearances. Majestic aims to elevate the cinema experience by offering, “Service at Your Seat” and encourages good movie manners. Furthermore, Majestic endorses policies like, “No Talking, No Texting” and accommodates only certain age groups at evening showings.

Majestic’s food & beverage menu features cinema grill favorites with some new twists and offers the lowest online movie ticketing fees in Arizona along with more flexible attendance policies for our guests under 18. In the coming months, Majestic will offer a new loyalty program and upgraded technology to enhance the movie experience. Utilize the prodigious screens and impressive audio to host an unforgettable events.

Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill has three (3) East Valley locations in Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe with a combined 24 viewing screens.

Majestic Tempe 7 Movie Theatre
  • Pop. within 10 miles: 1,201,210
  • Median Age: 35
  • Buying Power: $29.5B
  • College Graduates: 31%
  • Avg. Household Income: $86,553
  • % High Income (>$75K): 43%
Tempe Cinema
Majestic Gilbert 8 Movie Theatre
  • Pop. within 10 miles: 898,403
  • Median Age: 37
  • Buying Power: $25.5B
  • College Graduates: 30%
  • Avg. Household Income: $100,346
  • % High Income (>$75K): 52%
Gilbert Cinema
Majestic Chandler 9 Movie Theatre
  • Pop. within 10 miles: 574,136
  • Median Age: 37
  • Buying Power: $19.9B
  • College Graduates: 40%
  • Avg. Household Income: $116787
  • % High Income (>$75K): 62%
Chandler Cinema
Corporate Meetings


Team Building Events




Family Celebrations


Movie Action


Pre-show Videos & Slides

Moviegoers are more likely to be receptive, engaged, relaxed and responsive to advertising because of the mindset. This phenomenal captive setting coupled with a light mood leads to a high ad recall of 59%. Moviegoers arrive an average of 18 minutes prior to their show and attend movies more than 8 times year. Cinema reaches a desirable social young audience with disposable incomes and a median household income of $86,000. Advertising options: 15-second video spots or static slides | 30-second video spots.

Lobby Screen Entertainment

Guests enjoy spending time in our lobbies. Our large screens are in high-traffic areas and on average, moviegoers spend twelve (12) minutes or more in the lobby before the movie starts and four (4) minutes after the movie ends. The opportunity to communicate your message to our highly engaged audience before the movie is optimal targeting both men and women. Four (4) bar screens continuously loop video content throughout business hours allowing a brand to extend their reach from the theater room to the lobby. This provides a fantastic way to reiterate and reinforce your brand’s message leading to higher recall among moviegoers.

Branded Food & Beverage Menus

Branded menus are indented to inspire action. Menus are placed in a table slot between every two (2) seats. It is necessary to fill out a menu to place an order for food & beverages to receive delivery service. Over 80% of Majestic patrons purchase food, drink and concessions during their movie. Majestic Neighborhood Cinema Grill branded menus offer direct advertising exposure and generate 100,000 impressions monthly and 1.2M annually.

Corporate Sponsorships & Partnerships

Bored with the usual event venues? Try something new! Majestic Phoenix’s theaters offer great benefits, including Service at Your Seat and a full-service bar. Enjoy a night out by renting a theater for a private viewing or create your own red carpet premiere!

Events should make an impression, and we want you to make great memories at Majestic! Bigger screens, bolder presentations, unforgettable events. Our experienced, accommodating and high-energy team will make sure you and your guests get the ultimate VIP treatment.


Increase Sales – It is proven that utilizing photos and videos will increase sales at your establishments. In fact, guests are 54% more likely to make a purchase after watching a related video.

Promote Offerings – Arguably, the very best way to promote your products & services is with visual content combining video, graphics, imagery, and animated verbiage.

Bring Your Brand to Life – Majestic’s advertising program provides a direct line of communication with new and existing moviegoers.

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